Invite Me To Dinner

Cookery lessons in London :

The total cost of the course depends on the number of people attending the lesson and on the recipes that you choose to learn (as the ingredients will vary).

Cost for the lesson
One person attending (+ 1 guest) 138
Two persons attending (+ 2 guests) 178
If you choose to learn a menu of the course “A special supper”, we will ask for an extra charge of 8 pounds per person to cover the costs of more expensive ingredients.

Please contact us if you want to have a lesson with more than 2 people, or if you want more guests for dinner or… if you have any question regarding our prices and seasonal offers !

Cooking for you :

We will supply the ingredients for the agreed menu (three courses). The cost for the service is :

Cost for the dinner  
Two persons attending 200
From three to four persons 300
From five to six persons 380