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Why we are different

These are the first Italian cooking lessons customised to your needs!
We come to your home and offer individual lessons during the evening or over the weekend.
You will be at home, in the comfort of your kitchen.

Why it's so easy

You can choose the dishes that you want to learn, on the basis of your preferences, cooking skills and seasonality of the ingredients.

We will provide the ingredients required for the lesson, choosing them among the freshest and the tastiest Italian ingredients available in London.

We will teach you all the secrets of Italian cooking and how to prepare a quick, healthy and tasty dinner in just two hours.

We cannot promise that you will become a two Michelin-star chef after the lesson, but there is nothing more effective and enjoyable than a hands-on and one-to-one training in your own kitchen.

Just try and see the results!

We provide also additional services

We can also cook for you and your friends. Have your private restaurant at home! We will agree the menu, bring the ingredients, cook in your kitchen and prepare the dishes.