More Friends and Partners

We worked well with Portobello Food Company, (now Natoora) importers of an extensive and unique range of Italian food, from national essentials such as pasta and canned tomatoes to regional delicacies such as fruit mustards and salami.
They offer a grocery delivery service that combines the quality of an Italian deli with the range and value of a supermarket. We don't think you'll need to look anywhere else for your shopping.

Taste Italia is the only magazine in the UK 100% dedicated to Italian food & drink and celebrates the regionality & seasonality of Italian cuisine.
Each issue is packed with traditional, authentic Italian recipes, gourmet guides to the country's cities and regions, features on producers of fine foods, as well as wine coverage.
A treat for all you Italian food lovers!

Italvita - the most comprehensive guide to all things Italian.
If you're interested in finding Italian products and services, then Italvita is your starting point.
Within Italvita comprehensive website you can find a list of companies that provide an extensive and varied range of Italian products and services.

Our friends of 4 Seasons Cleaning provide the most accurate, low cost and professional cleaning service to your home (and your kitchen too!).
Their professionals are reliable, diligent and also extremely courteous.
So this is exactly what you need not only just after a cooking lesson, but also for your recurrent apartment cleaning, gardening services, special events preparation and much more!