Legal & Disclaimer

We make reference to your booking of a cooking lesson for the understanding, practical knowledge and practice of the basic principles of the Italian cooking tradition (the “Service”). In respect of the Service, by confirming in writing the acceptance of a Cooking lesson, you, as the case maybe, acknowledge, undertake or covenant as follows :

(i) the Service is being given upon your specific request and following your instructions as to date and time and your indication of the Premises as a suitable venue for the purpose thereof;

(ii) vouchers have 6 month validity from the issue date. Lessons can be re-booked up to 4 times after the original booking, in case of serious reasons that make impossible the provision of the Service. If a service rebooked for the 4th time cannot be provided, the voucher will be considered null and eligibility for the Service will be cancelled. Refunds of issued vouchers are not permitted at any time

(iii) the menu for the Service has been determined jointly by you and Seriously Italian and all the implications connected with its practical performance fully explained to you so that no warranty is given as to either the actual appreciation by you of the meal or its correspondence to any descriptions, which, where actually provided, were intended for information purposes only;

(iv) any and all the ingredients to be used for the Service have been made known to, and subsequently accepted by, you so that no liability (except for the natural quality and freshness of such ingredients) is taken on in relation to any damage which might possibly occur as a result of, or otherwise derive from, any physical disability, medical condition and / or pathology (including food allergies) affecting your capability to receive the Service;

(v) you have indicated the Premises for the performance of the Service, provided the necessary equipment and appliances and verified their suitability and proper functioning so that no liability (except for negligent or wrongful misuse of such equipment and appliances) is taken on in respect of any damage and / or loss of enjoyment which might possible arise out of any defect or lack of adequacy affecting any of the above; and

(vi) throughout the Service you will follow, and act in accordance with, the directions and other instructions that will be given to you and, therefore, the provider will under no circumstance responsible for any damage or inconvenient eventually resulting from your failure to comply with any of the above and / or misuse of any of the equipment, material and other instruments within the scope of the Service.