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Our Chefs

Giovanna :
Cooking has always been her passion, since she was a little girl. She started cooking under her grandma supervision, and she learned all the classic dishes of the Italian cuisine. She gained more confidence helping her uncle in his restaurant during summer holidays, preparing catering in Italy for up to 50 people and being trained in Michelin starred restaurants in London. Back in 2005 she then decided to transform her passion in a business, and set up these courses. Don’t you think that she did the right thing?

Cristina :
Daughter of the Florentine owner of Dolce Vita, voted among the 100 Best Restaurants in US, Cristina learned all the secrets in her dad’s kitchen, and then moved to London with a mission: teaching people how to live la dolce vita !

Alessandro :
Alessandro’s love for cooking changed from a simple form of enjoyment and relaxation in the kitchen to an addictive and contagious passion. His friends contributed to this shift by insistently knocking at his door to be properly fed, and their sparking eyes (and round bellies) when leaving his flat spoke for themselves. After a few great experiences as a chef at Italian restaurants, his aim is now to teach you a simple, functional and healthy cuisine.

Susanna :
To relax, some people read a book or just lay on the sofa. Susanna cooks. Putting ingredients together, selecting the most fragrant and fresh vegetables or tasty olive oils, chopping, making egg pasta or baking the most amazing cake, that's what she likes best. Most of the tricks she uses in the kitchen come from long and well experimented Italian family tradition, which she successfully shared in restaurants and during dinners with friends. For example, did you know about...Oh, sorry, we cannot really give too much away!

Agnese :
According to Agnese pleasure, creativity, beauty, love, sharing are very important things in life and cooking contains all of them. When she moved to London, she discovered a fantastic culinary world and her dream came through working as a chef at rewarded restaurants. She's glad to share with you her professional secrets and all the Italian food tradition inherit from her family, her friends and her trips