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The Italian bookshop is the only bookshop in the UK that specialises in Italian literature and a selection of translated books as well as economic and travel titles. Crazy for “La divina commedia”? Cannot find the “Promessi Sposi”? Want to browse a huge catalogue of titles and order online your favourite Italian book? The Italian Bookshop is for you. The Italian Bookshop offers the same range of literature titles you would expect to find in a bookshop in Rome or Milan and provides a wide-range of materials for learners of Italian as a foreign language, from beginners to advanced level and beyond.

We know that Jack O’Shea, this guy (Jack) is not Italian, but where can you find better quality meat in London? Nowhere! It is just one of those places that you never leave empty handed... The good news is that they now deliver their best cuts to your home, so we like to think that they adopted our business model! Are they maybe becoming a little Italian ?

Our friends at Al Volo – Italian Restaurant and delivery, offer a contemporary Italian food experience in a cheerful and convivial ambience. Chef Antonio Tonelli and his team have hand picked a mix of regional recipes to create a mouth-watering menu aimed at giving great pleasure to the sense of taste.