Invite Me To Dinner
Cooking lessons at home

What about having your personal restaurant at home... at a competitive price !?

Do you love running dinner parties, but your friends always come out with strange excuses when you invite them for dinner?

Do your evening with friends always end up with a few pepperoni pizzas delivered in a cartoon box or a boring pre-cooked lasagna ?

Are you convinced that eating out every single night is becoming incredibly “out” ?

This service is for you !

Call us and one of our qualified Italian chefs will come to your home with everything he/she needs to prepare a delicious dinner for you and your guests. You will just have to provide the tableware, a cleaned kitchen and in working order and anything else you'd like to have to create the perfect atmosphere.

And then, just relax and enjoy your typical Italian dinner ! (cheating with your friends about who prepared the dinner is included in the price...)