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Cooking courses

See few examples of the available menu you will be able to learn in our cooking courses in London. We have much more in our repertoire, so do not be afraid to ask if there is anything in particular you want to learn!

Basics of Italian cooking

Are you fed up of take-aways or pre-cooked food? Do you think that learning to cook would be a great skill to have and help you lead a healthier lifestyle? Learn how to prepare a meal in two hours, with simple, nutritious and tasty recipes. Did you ever imagine that it could be so easy?

See few examples of menu

A special supper

Are you already comfortable with the basics? Are you a fish-fan? Do you want to achieve romantic bliss with a candle-light dinner for your special person, prepared by you? This course is for you, and actually for anybody with a little courage!

See few examples of menu

Still looking for some more ideas?

Here you find more dishes from the our traditional Italian repertoire