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Our story : where everything started…

It was November 2005…
Yes, these are the first cooking lessons at home. We were the first and we have been in business for quite a long time now !

Don’t trust the copycats out there…

Everything started when Giovanna realised that all the cooking lessons available in London were held during working hours and in areas of London difficult to reach.

Furthermore, she noted that there were not one-to-one classes, but cookery classes for up to 10 people. And she knew that a group lesson can be very enjoyable (if you find the right people, of course, otherwise it can also be very boring!), but is not particularly effective if you really want to learn one entire menu… and remember it !

Last but not least, Giovanna was finding only high-class, flashy courses with celebrity chefs (very expensive and not suitable for beginners or lovers of simple food) or low key, relatively cheap one-day courses, for people with plenty of time. Nothing in between, and nothing where you could choose your own menu !

That’s where the idea came from: cooking courses in London for busy people (in the evening, after work, during weekends, basically when it is good for you), very practical and hands-on, without the need for commuting. But also courses at a very competitive price, where you can have a dinner party after the lesson with your family or friends with no chance for failure.

We have been the first and will remain always the best !

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